Contact an artisan builder who cares about what he is doing
 Contact an artisan builder who cares about what he is doing 

I've been trained in France, but settled in England, I use all my skills and knowledge about building to better satisfy your needs. Open minded and in constant communication with my customers, I always look for the best solution adapted to each situation. You have ideas, I have solutions...

The Dorset Artisan is above all a human-sized company that responds to requests for interior or exterior design work. Whether for minor repairs or improvements, or for major renovations, The Dorset Artisan offers solutions tailored to each case, for tailor-made work.

Passionate about loft convertions, I trained myself in different techniques with respected builders, recognized for their quality of work and surrounded by trusted professionals, I make sure to respect the materials and the building, the goal being that my achievements are most comfortable for my clients.


Nowadays, people realize that their home is also a source of well-being, it is very important to feel good at home. Maintaining its heritage is also important, a healthy house is a house that is taken care of, waiting for the last moment to do work can unfortunately double or even triple the cost of the work, while regular maintenance is much more efficient and ultimately more economical, because unresolved problems can lead to other sometimes more serious concerns. Insufficient insulation, besides the lack of comfort, can also cause significant damages to the structure of your home, when you realize it, the damages are often unfortunately irreversible. Today there are solutions adapted to each building configuration, with high performance materials. Do not hesitate to ask for advice, we will find you the best solution at the fairest price.


I take special care in the advice I give to my clients, many of whom have become friends, for many years.

We study together the solutions most adapted to the problems encountered on various renovation projects. Everyone finds his account, it is always pleasant to find solutions adapted to the budget and the expectations of each. The satisfaction of one goes hand in hand with the satisfaction of the other, that's how I conceive my contribution to the projects entrusted to me.

My greatest satisfaction is to be contacted again by my clients, to entrust me with new works.


In order to get an idea of ​​what can be achieved, take the time to look at the photos taken before, during and after, of some of my achievements ...

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